Insider info: Hyundai’s plans for 2013

We’ve featured straight from the horse’s mouth just what a success 2012 was for Hyundai and how the firm has established itself as a premium manufacturer in Europe.

And while that’s all well and good, there’s no time for the firm to rest on its laurels – we’ve got the inside line on Hyundai’s plans for 2013.

The firm shifted 74,287 units in Europe last year, but is only targeting a relatively similar 75,000 vehicles in 2013.

That’s because Hyundai’s manufacturing facility in Europe is already running at nearly 100% capacity, making it one of the most efficient car factories in the world.

Rather than trying to elevate sales dramatically Hyundai will focus on investing and building its brand over the next 12 months.

Hyundai Motor UK CEO and President:

“Hyundai has the products now we need a period of consolidation to build upon our amazing offerings, extend the reach of the brand and foster customer loyalty and retention.”

More new Hyundai vehicles are on their way in 2014 (we’ve got a few pieces of teasing information on that subject, too…) but this year the brand is launching a new global campaign to help improve customer experience whenever they come into contact with the big H.

Entitled “Live Brilliant”, it’s a true embodiment of Hyundai’s brand values. And without getting too much into the marketing detail, in every area – purchase, ownership and customer service – the carmaker wants to improve on its already brilliant showing.

Awarding winning cars are nothing without a reputation for transparency and trust. Hyundai’s already there, thanks to offerings like its Five Year Triple Care warranty – but it wants to shout about it and get more people involved.

The brand will catch up – it can’t fail too with talented engineers devising the cars and talented sales and service staff putting the customer first.

The level of investment the company is making will mean 2013 is as important for Hyundai as the landmark year it had in 2012.